I call myself a health seer, because I look into people’s eyes.​ The eyes reveal though variations of color and structure our unique genetic map.  I consider myself a medical detective because I help people who suffer from mysterious ailments. Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients gain insight into their physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

During a session I can help you understand more deeply what those little aches and pains are trying to tell you. I tell my patients that symptoms are our friends. The questions people often ask are, “Why do I keep getting sick?” “Why have I been well my whole life and now I’m not?” “What health did I inherit from my parents?”  I can help you discover how you physically and emotionally relate to the world. Whether you need more clarity around your physical issues or mental/emotional issues. I want you to walk away having a deeper understanding of your body and it’s divine power to heal.

Leah Weibel

Naturopath & Iridologist

Health Seer

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Leah’s Tool Box


  • Iridology - Iris analysis to reveal chronic, acute and inherited conditions in the body.

  • Homeopathy- Homeopathy is the treatment of disease with minute doses of natural substances. The premise of “Like cures like”.  Unlike an herb or supplement there is no crude substance, only energy. A homeopathic consult results in custom made remedy that matches your energetic signature 

  • Food sensitivity identification and treatment

  • Nutrition support- Food, Herbal and supplement support as well as nutrition guidance

  • Medical Intuitive Healing- multidimensional energy healing 

  • Ion Cleanse- Detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol, with little or no stress to the body. The feet are submerged in warm water where toxins are pulled through the pores of the feet.  A session will run approximately 30 minutes. Not only will your body detox organs but also many report feeling more relaxed and lighter.

  • Nueroptimal – Dynamical biofeedback that trains the brain to function more effectively. Every brain has the capacity to function optimally but through life circumstances brain function can be impeded. Nueroptimal addresses and supports treatment of:

  1. Sleep issues

  2. Memory, focus, concentration, ADD, ADHD

  3. Anxiety, stress, burnout

  4. Depression, Bi-polar, Autism, Addiction

  5. Traumatic Brain injury

  6. PTSD, trauma release

  7. Chronic Pain, migraines, headaches, fibromyalgia

  8. Enhanced performance for athletes, work and home

  9. General Well being – Many report feeling like they’ve spent the day in meditation


During a brain training session you wear two tiny sensors on your head and ear clips on your ears that record brain waves. You sit in a comfortable chair and listen to music while watching images or movie. The music and images responds to your brainwaves and shifts in the brain patterns create brief interruptions in the music or visual display. These interruptions give the brain the opportunity to self-correct into a more natural, relaxed and more supportive pattern.